Central air conditioning electric auxiliary heater installation precautions

For central air-conditioning electric auxiliary heaters, in winter, you can help central air conditioners provide calories, maintain standard working conditions, which not only prolongs the service life of air conditioners, but also makes us more warm.But how should we install air conditioning electricity?

1. Understand the relationship between the heating of the air conditioner and the air conditioning and the electricity of air conditioners are closely related, follow the instructions to connect the line;

2Installation Position Reference Air Conditioning Design Manual; 3. Control AC contactor, re-use the high-blown output of energy efficient space heate the inner fan, control AC contactor; 4. In a harsh environment, we must put it firstWater medium, then preheat the water, after elevating water temperature, this ensures normal start of the air conditioner, and improves thermal efficiency.The above is to explain the installation consideration of the central air-conditioned electrical assistant electric heater for everyone. In order to use the air conditioner for us, everyone should learn clearly.